Soft Stirrings, Simple Seasonings, Steady Diggings, Small Measures, Significant Treasures, Slow Pleasures


The Coeur Way™ by Sunday Larson, for a Grounded Creativity, Spirituality, and Perspective. The Coeur Way creates a self-sustaining continuum of unity and congruence between your inner self and your outer expressions, between your inner light and your outer life. In the coeur of an apple, seeds of new creations yearn for fruition. And in your deepest core, seeds of new creations are longing for the light. But first comes the gleaning and digging, the stirring and refining; a journey into deep sacred space, the matrix for new growth, where the alchemical process of re-composition begins.

Presented by the Sedona Women’s Institute, Sedona, Labor Day Weekend, September 2-3, 2017

The Power of Sisterhood—Nevertheless We Persist, an opportunity to connect and share, those things women do best.…/

Each of us has been nurtured to fullness by loving offerings made by the sisterhood of grandmothers, mothers, friends, teachers, and mentors. It is now our privilege to plant seeds of becoming for those who follow us. In my work of guiding women as they discover and develop the voice, mission, message, and guiding metaphor of their life’s Fabulous Third legacy offering, I’ve learned that every woman of the alchemical age has an offering to make, every woman’s voice is precious and should be contributed to the continuum of HerStory. Please check out this informative and fun opportunity to meet women from far and wide. Sunday Larson’s presentation, Leading from the Heart, Saturday September 2, 2017. Forum panel discussion Sunday September 3.

Coeur Way Story/Life Mentoring: Recapitulate, Revalue, Relinquish, Rejuvenate, and Regenerate. The act of creating is a raw process of self-inquiry. It is a spiritual practice that both inspires and inspirits. Becoming the author of your own story and no longer being a woman storied by others is a sacred pilgrimage; rarely is it about writing a book.

Author, Artist, Story Alchemist, Healer Sunday Larson of Sedona, AZ, is a member of the ‘I Am Woman’ generation. She believes every woman has a story to tell, every woman’s voice is sacred, and should be contributed to HerStory. Inspired by her education in the disciplines of Women’s Literature, Art History, and Semiotics, Sunday includes the parallel patterns of ancient myths, women’s literature, and natural processes in guiding women in refining the voice, mission, message, and guiding metaphor of their creative projects.

Sedona Coeur Way Interludes: An interlude is a sacred time, a time out of time of renewal for authoring the next chapter of your life. Discovering the story within your experiences composes new meaning. Story-making is alchemy; it spins dross to gold. Contact Sunday for details or to schedule your interlude and/or for private story development mentoring. Enjoy your weekend to week-long interlude while staying in Sunday’s studio, The Once Upon a Time, with loft bedroom and full kitchen, included with only a small cleaning fee for one person. Booking now for October, 2017.

“The things that women reclaim are often their own values, their voice, their imagination, their clairvoyance, their stories, their ancient memories.  If we go for the deeper, and the darker, and the less known, we will touch the bones.”   Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Random entries from the unedited text of my personal Coeur Way Journey, a biomythography in process.

The divorce arrived by lightning and all I did was stir the pot. To survive I died, while at my hands a copper pot merged into the molten stovetop.

At first sight, the Eden of my rebirth brought memories of the flourishing garden where my great-grandmother helped me pluck the golden apple ripened especially for me. On second sight appeared a ramshackle acre of urban blight, including a forsaken home, neglected orchard, and dormant compost pile where I learned to recompose the leavings of my life.

From an encounter with a feisty, red lawnmower emerged my forgotten plucky self. In times of transition, Spider Woman comes spinning a brand new story. And so will I.

The evening star appeared. The Aphrodite Tree quivered, as under her spell I entered the realm of the fabulous, a state of being where what had been considered legendary, mythic, and fabled, was in fact now actuality. Yes, just like my great-grandmother promised, I’d finally found the golden apple grown especially for me.