In the core of an apple, seeds of new creations yearn for the light. In the coeur of a woman, the  seeds of her generativity, creativity, and expressivity long for fruition.

Attending to the yearnings of your heart is an act of beauty. It is to glean for truth. It is to heed the illusive entity that calls to you as its creator.

The essence your distill from your life experiences is your legacy. Sharing your stories generates meaning. Your tales of plucky times, of crossroads and sacrifices, of the cost of keeping quiet and the reward of speaking out, honors those you followed and becomes a lamplight for those who follow you.

Writing is digging and stirring, a journey into deep sacred space.  The alchemical descent into the Garden of Once Upon a Time is never easy, however…

“The things that women reclaim are often their own voice, their own values, their imagination, their clairvoyance, their stories, their ancient memories.  If we go for the deeper,  and the darker, and the less known, we will touch the bones.” ― Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Recapitulate, Revalue, Relinquish, Rejuvenate, Regenerate.

Every creation begins with a story. Sunday’s gentle and grounded mentoring will ease and clarify your process whether your intention is discovering the next step on your journey; taking a personal pilgrimage into the core of your untold story; perhaps creating new meaning for a prior experience; curating and preserving a family legacy; or writing a novel or memoir for publication. Please click a golden apple to contact Sunday.


A Fabulous Awakening, by Sunday Larson, available September, 2016.

Aurora never wanted to leave the enchanted life she’d shared for thirty years with her (not so) perfect husband.  Now cast from paradise and no longer a wife, socialite, or columnist, Aurora sets forth on a quest to create a meaningful future in circumstances that had once seemed unfathomable. While breakfasting at Straw to Gold, a Tea and Yarn Emporium in Sedona, Arizona, she enters the magical and mystifying world of the Sedona Fates and Charm Lady Tilly Monroe, the canny strangers who mentor the Fabulous Awakening of her abandoned plucky self.

“When Sleeping Beauty wakes up, she’s almost fifty years old.” Maxine Kumin


In the garden of Once Upon a Time there grows a tree of golden apples…

The background image of this website celebrates the orchard of Sunday Larson’s heart story.