The Women of Once Upon a Time-their Secret Recipes and Hidden Charms

Re-Stirring the Cauldron of HerStory, by Sunday Larson

Updated submission guidelines will be posted soon. Many more projects stirring.

These are the Stirring Times. Your story matters to HerStory.

Stir the Pot of Resistance and Renewal. Be Stirred by Small Wonders.

Story is a quest. Some quest for power. Others quest for love. Women take the ‘Other’ Journey, the Coeur Way.

Your story honors those you follow and becomes a lamplight for those who follow you.

Write it like a Woman. Illuminate it by the Nine Lights of Story.

Join me for a Soul Stirring ReStoryative Interlude under the Sedona sun, in the red rocks, where the muse never sleeps.

An interlude is a sacred time, an in between time that calls forth a state of release, reconciliation, and reunion.

Recapitulate, Revalue, Relinquish, Rejuvenate, and Regenerate.

“The teacher and the taught together create the teaching.” Eastern saying shared by Eckhart Tolle