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All That Is Woman – Five Coeur StarSeeds of Becoming, a forthcoming novel by Sunday Larson

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I will never be able to describe the fulfilling experience of writing the story of Pommey Starr, a charmed child raised by her grandmother GG Starr Wylde, a girl whose artistry becomes a looking glass through time, where, guided by the spirit of Fleur Regine, Queen of the Flowers, she closes the circle of lovers separated in 1680 when Estelle Myrtille leaves Normandy, France to start life over in the New World.

… by following an ancient formula she found written in a near undecipherable old French alphabet on a scroll inside the doll, Pommey continues her quest to combine individual essences into a perfume called All That Is Woman, a fragrance that will embody the spirit of her lineage. As her unborn daughter gestates, she writes and illustrates stories about the formidable women who for millennia had lived by the belief that one must meet the caprices of fate with the full power of being a woman, to trust that in every fruition is the seed of a new beginning, and in a quiver of time the succession of life begins again, with the story enriched and revitalized with a renewed purpose and meaning for a new era. A new generation that includes Rainey, daughter of Pommey and Valentin, a member of a family of gleaners who still work the land Estelle Myrtille left behind in 1680.

Books of Secrets were compilations of remedies, recipes and magic formulae that began to be printed in the sixteenth century and were published continuously down to the eighteenth century. The books of secrets contained hundreds of medical recipes, household hints, and technical recipes on alchemy, dyeing, making perfume, oil, incense, and cosmetics.








Sowing StarSeeds of Creative Renewal, Resilience, and Replenishment

Life is made meaningful when the fruits of your creativity honor those you followed and become seeds of inspiration for those who follow you.