The Coeur Way Fruitful Continuum

A Creative Practice for Women of the Alchemical Age, when ...

You are Grounded but no Longer Contained
 When Creativity Transforms to Generativity
 Lessons Become Teachings
 Certainties Return to Mysteries
 Dross is Spun to Gold
 Leavings Rise as Offerings
 And the Once Farfetched Emerges as Reality

Sedona, a fruitful little community in the red rocks, tucked betwixt and between stillness and stirring, fact and fiction, wise and wayward, grounded and fanciful, fierce and tender. An untamable land of slow pleasures. A slow story wonderland.  A sensitive balance of canny strangers and shapeshifting tricksters. A thin place of chaos, contradiction, and compatibility, spinning the uber-real into threads of beyond belief.

We’re born into a story we did not author. We grow into our fullness from a foundation not of our own making. The continuation of life is always a matter of one generation succeeding the former. We are ephemeral beings. We root and reach; we bud and blossom; flourish and nourish. We love, we weep, and we effect change. Then we leave having replenished the sources of our becoming with the legacy of our creative offerings.

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The Fruitful Pause

by Sunday Larson

The Coeur Way Fruitful Continuum -The Other Journey

Sowing StarSeeds of Creative Renewal, Resilience, Replenishment

 Alchemize New Worth From an Old Story. Book-Deck-Course, by Sunday Larson, 2018

The Coeur Way, a self-sustaining continuum of vital essence flowing between the gold of your alchemical center and the flowering of your creative radiance. A mutable elixir replenishing your inner light, revitalizing your outer life; creating congruence between your inner voice and your outer expressions.

In the coeur of an apple five seeds of potential yearn for fruition. And in your deepest core, seeds of ideas, dreams, and creations are longing for the light. Although seeds are symbols of hope, resilience, and abundance, the process of growing to fruition can be an arduous journey of becoming grounded and at the same time releasing all that inhibits, contains, or restrains. This process requires taking the Other JourneyCreations grown organically, cell by cell and stage by natural stage, reap the sweetest fruits, send down the deepest roots, and grow fierce branches that reach toward the full radiant sun.

Once we’re grounded and no longer contained, the fruits of our creativity replenish the source that nurtured our becoming. Expressing our voice through our creative offerings pays homage to the courageous women we followed and sows seeds of inspiration for the plucky girls who follow us.

The charmed sixth seed reveals an eternal truth:  The number of seeds contained within the core of an apple matters not at all.  However it matters greatly the millions of radiant golden apples each seed has the potential to generate if planted in fertile soil and attended well. The paradox of one among many also contains many in one. Please plant the seeds of your next becoming in fertile soil and attend them well.

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An Alchemical Process for Fruitful Creativity

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Sowing StarSeeds of Creative Renewal, Resilience, and Replenishment

Life is made meaningful when the fruits of your creativity honor those you followed and become seeds of inspiration for those who follow you.

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