All That Is Woman

Sedona Retreats with Sunday Larson

All That Is Woman

A Book of Secrets by Sunday Larson, 2020

For the Grandmothers of Once Upon a Time, a Fruitful Continuum of Muses, Mysteries, Gleanings and Charms

The story of Pommey Venus Starr and her guide and guardian Fleur Regine, Queen of the Flowers. Pommey’s looking glass into the past is a centuries old bespoke perfume that connects her with her lineage of grandmothers. She describes the scenes she envisions as hands reaching from across the ages offering her gifts of memories. Her life work is defined when she snoops in her grandmother’s attic and discovers a diary and a set of miniature dolls inside a trunk unopened for four centuries. A scrolled ancient formula written in a near undecipherable old French alphabet inspires Pommey to create a perfume called All That Is Woman, a fragrance that embodies the spirit of the formidable women in her lineage who for millennia met the caprices of fate with the full power of their womanhood.  Her research leads her to tapestry artist Timbo Desfleurs and together they close the circle of lovers separated in 1680 when Pommey’s foremother Melissa Estelle left Normandy, France and her beloved Valentin Desfleur behind to begin a new journey in the New World.

*Books of Secrets were compilations of remedies, recipes and magic formulae that began to be printed in the sixteenth century and were published continuously down to the eighteenth century. The Books of Secrets contained advice for the kitchen garden, medical recipes, household hints, and technical recipes on alchemy, dyeing, and creating perfumes, oils, incenses, and cosmetics.

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