Five Coeur Star Seeds of Becoming

with Sunday Larson

9 Charms for Romancing the Muse

9 Charms for Romancing the Muse
  1. Honor your Muse by showing up and she will inspire you. Creativity is an act of cocreation, an act of reciprocity. This is non-negotiable contract. She suffers no fools or slackers or whiners or those who are burdened with a satchel of excuses.
  2. Cultivate the practices of Desire, Devotion, Discipline, Dedication, and Determination. To create must be your highest purpose.
  3. The Muse is a trickster. Be prepared. She offers ideas while you are showering, vacuuming, driving. Her suggestions often arrive as a whisper. Be prepared. And don’t forget to thank HER. Acknowledge the Muse through ritual. It is a matter of respect.
  4. To create is a sacred act that demands sacrifice. The Muse demands your willingness to forego sleep, recreation, peace of mind. In your quest for meaning, she wants the offering of your sweat and tears.
  5. The Muse will honor your authenticity. Use your own words and thoughts and ideas. Approach your creativity from a place of knowing who you are and what you want to say.
  6. Enhance your relationship to the world by slowing your pace and cultivating the practices of awareness, mindfulness, observation, receptivity, deep engagement.
  7. Try the untried. Make many mistakes—they are your best teachers. Revealing your vulnerability proves you have the courage to ‘dare greatly’.
  8. The Muse speaks in the languages of relatedness, analogy, metaphor, serendipity, dreams. Be aware. Become comfortable with irony and paradox and the unfamiliar. Ambiguity, mystification and confusion are good things.
  9. Keeping ample solitude will keep the doors of receptivity open.