Five Coeur Star Seeds of Becoming

with Sunday Larson

9 Charms for Doing What You’re Yearning to Do

RAC Time eternal -2

I’ve discovered there’s no shortage of creative ideas; however, there is a dearth of willingness to do the work.

1. Dream: Don’t ignore the dream. Heeding the call initiates the creative process.

2. Desire: Desire might lag. Or it might become greedy. Embrace the lonely gifts of yearning, craving, longing, and aspiring; they are the impetus of all creation.

3. Decision: Know who you are, decide what you want to say and who your message is designed for. And always, it’s a decision to begin and a decision to stay on the path from inspiration to manifestation, regardless the cost.

4. Descent: You have no choice but to make the descent to the goddess, she who stirs the cauldron of creation. She suffers no complainers, whiners, excuse makers or those who hesitate interminably. She welcomes only those foolish enough to make the journey.

5. Discover: One must take action to get to the bottom of an idea. To dig means to explore, to search for more, to educate yourself, to research and ask the big questions, to quest for buried treasure, to seek the hidden answers.

6. Dedication: Do, redo, keep doing, sacrifice, work, sweat, and cry. Petition your muse. Muster your grit, resilience and fortitude, perseverance and endurance in order to stay on the path until you reach the faraway goal.

7. Discipline: Stay on task. Be accountable to yourself and your dream. Be congruent. Be prepared. Be in alignment. Say no often to the draws of distraction. Restrain yourself and allow the work to just sit.

8. Devotion: Daily attendance creates sacred space. Devotion creates meaning. Your dream is your prayer, altar, oracle, treasure chest, lover.

9. Deliver: Share or sell. The world awaits your gift.