Five Coeur Star Seeds of Becoming

with Sunday Larson

Personal and Professional Endorsements

November 2018. “I was very clear that I could write a good letter, but a book was a whole different story. The smartest thing I ever did was asking for much needed help to turn my good idea into an interesting, well written book that anyone who picked it up would be engaged and at the same time get something valuable for themselves. Sunday Larson did that for me and my book. Her interactions were always honest and at the same time kind and would continually make a powerful impact on the content. She would read what I wrote from how my target audience would read, never from just how great I thought something should sound! Her feedback was thoughtful and authentic and her appreciation of the work we were doing together was always encouraging, even when I would occasionally lose steam. If you have a book in you, let Sunday pull it out and have you be your best possible writer. She is also one of the most creative people I have ever known.” Susan Henkels, MSW, author What If There Is Nothing Wrong With You, SMH Publications, 2019.






November 22, 2016. “The space Sunday provided is perfect – when I stepped through the door I felt a great sense of peace.  It was so powerful I actually stopped – savoring that feeling.  The day was filled with quiet reflection and fun laughter.  I came away with a whole new concept of “I am from …” It’s not a place at all!   I am from my father’s code of conduct, my mother’s wisdom, the smell of new mown hay and the fragrance of honey dripping from the comb. I am from the colors, the textures, the feel of all my experiences – and  this was only a part of a very special experience.  Thank you so much Sunday.”Anita J, Mesa, AZ

Sept 29, 2016. “After checking my diary, Group will celebrate our 12th anniversary in February.Yes, we are a support group, but we are so much more.  We continue, to read, study and learn. Your retreat brought us a step beyond where we ever thought we would go. Revealing thoughts, feelings and incidents probably hidden for years. On January 2nd we begin another year with a new spirit. In short, you’ve made a lot of revelations in our lives. Thanks so much for everything. Krystol, Tempe, AZ.

October 14, 2016. “In such a short time you moved me in so many directions. On Monday I dug into the box of old letters and what I found was astounding. They gave me fuel for writing some family stories. A perfect day.” Catherine, Tempe, AZ.

“In October, 2015 Sunday guided a group of my girlfriends of 35 years through a journey of reclaiming our voice, rejoicing our spirits and igniting our creativity. We are still musing about it!”  W’aki Women, Place of Rest, Rejuvenation and Inspiring Creativity, Sedona, AZ.

“Occasionally in life you meet a person that can truly be described as special. Sunday Larson is one of these individuals. She shines in every way, from the refined knowledge she has of her material, to her wisdom, beauty, sophistication, charm, and exceptional kindness.” Sara Robbins, Palm Springs, CA.

“Sunday’s name defined her life purpose. As surely as the day Sunday is the awakening of the week, the woman Sunday’s gift is to awaken women. The radiance of her personality engages and delights. Thank you, Sunday, for the awakening.” Trish Berkin, Palm Desert, CA

“Sunday is as wise and authentic a being as anyone I know. Having spent many wondrous hours with her, I have come to appreciate her unique perspective, boundless creativity, her knowledge of the human heart and her innate ability for artistic expression.” Jan S, Boulder

“Sunday, your inner light shines so bright you literally glow.” Rebecca, Lynette, Maureen 2011

“The power of sharing personal stories can change not only the individual, but also the planet.” Jerome

“Wonderful experience (Peace Week) sharing heartfelt stories and having long forgotten memories re-emerge and get re-imagined.” Ryah

“Sunday Larson’s approach to re-visioning our stories was a revelation. I’m hoping to see this wonderful work as a TED talk.” Marjorie

“Peace begins with our own story. This is a special moment, a special week.” Maggie

“It was awesome sharing my stories and hearing other peoples’ stories. I loved it.” Mikayla

“Dear Sunday, I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to work with you as my creativity coach. I value the wisdom and ideas you have shared.” Geri F, Sedona.

“Dear Sunday, Thank you for your fabulous self and all you have done for me. You are saving my life.” R.A. Sedona

“Delightful as always. Sunday always creates an enjoyable safe creative space for self-expression, be it verbal or written.” Dominic

“I wish I could have written 20 pages in the dedication of my forthcoming book acknowledging all your support, guidance, wisdom. I deeply feel in my heart so much gratitude to have you in my life that it is hard to express in words. Thank you for all your love, honesty, support, faith and for your wisdom.” Virginia Nava-Heiger, Transformative Power, CEO

“I recently spent a retreat week in Sedona with Sunday Larson. Following her gentle guidance, I met my Muse, my best friend and spiritual guide, a relationship I had neglected during my ‘busy’ years. I feel reborn although I am 57 years old. I will be back in October another Sunday to Sunday week.” Annie K, Tuscon, AZ .

“I had the honor of hosting four ‘mature’ women for a five day intensive with wise woman Sunday Larson. She transformed my Southern Utah cabin into a loving nest of sharing dreams, ideas and new venues for our now unleashed creativity. Sunday draws her wise and caring counsel from a well that is surely charged by the muse herself.”~ Sally B, Santa Fe

“Sunday, I wanted to let you know how very much I am enjoying the class and watching our little group open up like blossoms exposed to the life giving rays of the Sun… Sunday’s Sun… your beautiful soul light! Thank You!”~ D Kay

“Sunday’s expertise, professionalism and hard work made her Romancing the Muse retreat at Briar Patch Resort one that clearly touched the women who attended. Karen Ely, A Woman’s Way

“I met Sunday Larson at a workshop she gave during Peace Week in Sedona in February, 2013. I was so impressed and inspired by her that I asked her if she would work with me one on one on a writing project. We met to talk about goals and expectations and I became a student of hers. Sunday has helped me with so many things, on so many levels. I have been working on a book for the last 5 years and continually get stuck. I was about to give up and then I found Sunday. I have written more in the 5 months that I’ve been working with Sunday than I have in five years! She inspires me to keep moving forward with my best work. She is kind, encouraging, honest, funny, smart, compassionate, interesting and interested and I trust her. At times I feel she is my therapist as working with her really brings me to a raw and revealing place. This allows me to write from that place and it shows. What I love best about Sunday is that she always meets me where I am. Before I worked with Sunday I was fearful to share my thoughts and writing. I have grown more confident as a result of my work with her and I see myself growing on so many levels. I had no idea working with her would be this intense, rewarding and productive. I am so grateful to have met her and to be able to work with her. Deb Karpek, Peaceful World Reiki,

“Thank you for the wonderful retreat this weekend, it was such a joy to meet you. You really have definitely taught me new ways to do things and to be creative! I love the retreat and how you go about doing it! Thank you for being so real and authentic, it is so refreshing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and taking time and devotion to do so. I really admire that, I also really like the way you see the world and continue to open yourself for more growth as well as respecting others “eye” and nature. You are fun and interesting.” Vicky

“I wanted to experience Sunday’s workshop, Romancing the Muse, to get a fresh start on life, to think about things in a new way…and that was the very gift she gave me. I feel energized and ready for life from a new perspective, making more conscious choices on where to spend my precious hours in the most fulfilling way. Her work is gentle, loving, firm and exceptional! Thank you!” Jeannie Beal Marini My Design Zone Interior Design Training & Consultation

“Thanks for the wonderful 7 weeks of exploration. You’re an awesome teacher, so glad I got to experience your expertise.” Deb Lovejoy, Sedona

Book Endorsements:


the spinning game no drop

The Spinning Game…a fascinating tale about the power of women.” Lynn Andrews, Medicine Woman

The Spinning Game…a wonderfully gritty story that grabs on to you and doesn’t let go.” Romantic Times

“This story arrived just when I needed it… when I needed to sit back and take a journey beyond my crazy busy existence to remember the beauty, sanctity, and whimsy of life. Find a quiet corner and indulge yourself with this gift. And if a stranger shows up dog, cat or human — welcome the disruption and read the story together.~ Marcia Reynolds, Ph. D., author of Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction

“When the guardian angels appear in the forms of delightful dog companions the fun begins. The reader tumbles down the rabbit hole only to ascend the rainbow ladder, there to be embraced by an intrepid band of travelers on their journey of faith, love, joy and self-rediscovery through fantaphilosophies of ancient wisdoms and modern whimsy.”~ Lynne Leakey, naturalist guide and author of the forthcoming Travels with Wilma

“I received your book, Secret of the Missing Crown as an unexpected gift. What a wonderful and amazing story and the artwork is so fun! All I could think of while reading was, “I want to share this book with my nieces, my sister, my girlfriends…” Laura S, Sedona

“The muse teachings of Lei Shamilly are portrayed from a pure heart. Her intricately woven messages are mystical and magical. Lei Shamilly is a shape shifter, who spins stardust energy throughout Sedona’s sandstone. Discover the secret of the missing crown while being blessed with heart shaped bubbles of love.”~ Kayla Gayle, Ph.D., Author of Mystica and the Magical Labyrinth

“Sedona Princess by Sunday Larson is a lovely story of pain and loss wrapped in a blanket of love. The authors use of language enhances this story and enchants the reader. Strong characters make the reader want to know what’s next in this delightful story. The ending was exactly what a reader would want and creates a space for a next in series book.” MS, New Mexico

“In this whimsical, colorful story, we are offered an opportunity to go on a soul journey through and in Sedona (what better place for that?) and learn many valuable lessons as we travel with the story’s characters through a magical landscape/soulscape. The author does a good job of integrating the wisdom she has to share into her story — which is, in itself, a wonderful example of how we can do the same in the stories of our lives.”~ Marchiene Rienstra, retired Unity minister and author of Eisha’s Search

“Sunday Larson is one of the most gifted, innovative, original writers I know. Her concepts and writing are not only creative and fun — she has garnered an audience of readers who anxiously await each publication. Sunday’s first two books are a ‘one-two-three punch’!”~ Terrie Frankel, New York Times Best Selling Author

“I almost felt as if Sunday had written my life into story form because so much of what Viva goes through I have been going through. I kept thinking —Sunday knows!”
~ Diahann Reyes, actor and writer.

“An elegant story … delightful words … Your book arrived today and I am gobbling up every word. You had me entranced from the first page … I cannot help but love Sunday Larson’s use of words in this wonderfully enchanting story. Woven with magic poetry, this story is laid before us with a healthy dose of imagination, wonderful animal characters and true wisdom. If you are a desert wanderer or believer in guardian angels as I am, this book will be a delight. It’s a quick read but much nicer when read slow and savored. You will truly enjoy this story and the beautiful artwork by Karen Vogel. I know you will return to it from time to time to savor the bits as I have already.” Maria S

“The Spinning Game is a wonderfully gritty story that grabs on to you and doesn’t let go.”~ Romantic Times

the spinning game no drop
“…in the land of red rocks, mystery and sorcery, a fascinating tale about the power of women.”~ Lynn Andrews, author of “Medicine Woman” and “Tree of Dreams”

“The Spinning Game is of my all time favorite books. It was so therapeutic when I read it as I had been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in 2008 and was in and out of the hospital for that year and some of 2009. I found that book at the library and it was so awesome to get lost in during part of my recovery. I have recently acquired Secret of the Missing Crown and cannot wait to start it. I love your work. Again, many thanks. The Spinning Game is special to me.” Janine Miller, Sedona

“Muse and wise woman Sunday Larson has created a timeless love story.”~ Lane Badger

“I learned more in the first thirty pages of this book than I have in ten years of attending workshops and classes. The Spinning Game is about true magic, the magic that permeates ordinary reality, and in fact, is ordinary reality.”~ Jan Scarbrough, Playwright, “A Rock Wedding” Boulder, CO,

“I felt I had been touched in the deepest part of myself by your story.
Thank you for writing this.”~ Barbara H, NM